Monday, August 17, 2015

AlDub "Kilig" is it true according to body language expert?

AlDub "Kilig" is it true according to body language expert?
AlDub "Kilig" is it true according to body language expert? 

Eat Bulaga's "Kalye Serye" featuring an AlDub love story is gaining more popularity every day and people are asking why?  GMA News Saksi host Pia Arcangel is asking people from every walk of like for their opinion and views about the show.

Pia Arcangel asks Pop Culture Expert Professor Mykel Andrada about the popular Kalye Serye, he gave three reasons:

1. It has a "Kilig" factor.
2. The character's forbidden love.
3. Socioeconomic dimension (money and materials)

She also asks several people who never watch the Kalye Serye by first showing them episodes of the show and they will be asks what they think about the show.  They immediately liked the show and according to  them there is the "Kilig" factor and they'd noticed Yaya Dub is really having a crush on Alden and is the basis of this observation?

Pia Arcangel asks Dr. Randy Dellosa Psychologist and Body Language Expert about his professional opinion on AlDub's body movement.  They'd showed to him the video when Yaya Dub first saw Alden Richard on the split shot monitor, he noticed how Yaya Dub's eye became wide when she saw Alden, then covered her face, and projecting cute face to Alden.

Dr. Dellosa added "it is obvious that Yaya Dub has hidden emotion for Alden, the basis for this is what they called "Micro Expressions" it's the small and detailed expression of the face, which Yaya Dub manifested when she saw Alden and her character face suddenly disappear showing her true emotions.

Yaya Dub also appeared to be distracted after the incident.  According to Dr. Dellosa Alden Richard is also showing "True Kilig" emotion knowing Yaya Dub's true emotion for him.

AlDub fans would like the two to be a real couple and there is a big chance according to the public television viewers.

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Published on August 12, 2015

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