Thursday, August 27, 2015

AlDub Real Feelings Are Noticeably Showing!

Yaya Dub, So happy for the gift from Alden
Yaya Dub, So happy for the gift from Alden

In today's Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye, Lola Nidora is acting paranoid because of the continuous leaking of her private pictures all over social networks and internet news.

And also protecting her secrets to Yaya Dub about her real mother and how is she related to both Lola Nidora and Lola Tidora.

Lola Tidora's activities for the day is to find their lost sister, her real name is now made known, it's Tinodora.  Jose and Lola Tidora were in various radio and tv new program to ask their assistance in finding Lola Tinodora.

Yaya Dub unaware of what happen yesterday when Lola Tidora reveals something very important about Yaya Dub real mother.  Lola Nidora is trying her best to be in good terms with her and ask her to only listen to Lola Nidora, no matter what she hears from other people.

Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards are really getting close emotionally.  Their eyes show how they missed each other and their smile tells that they really liked each other.  Eat Bulaga's Dabarkad's are giving their comments about the two.

Lola Nidora reminds them that this is all acting, a reality check.  It is a very good reminder to both not to be carried away by their emotions.  Host and co-host of Eat Bulaga has their own personal story about the two.

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