Sunday, August 9, 2015

AlDub's First Kiss

AlDub's First Kiss

On the eve of Frankie and Yaya Dub (YaKie) wedding, Lola Nidora is so excited and happy about the upcoming event, she even did various Smashdub, on the other hand Yaya Dub is feeling the opposite.  All the necessary preparations and details are being checked by Lola Nidora which includes Yaya Dub's wedding dress, cake, pre-nuptial pictorial and many others, while doing all that Alden was in the hospital being checked by a doctor.

Yaya Dub was so concerned and wrote a note asking Alden what happen and how was he, they exchanged sweet Dubsmash, while Lola Nidora is busy talking to people about the wedding preparations, after that Frankie's car arrived wearing Versace brand clothing and projecting that he is a rich man, Lolo Nidora greeted him with a kiss, while Yaya Dub doesn't to greet him with a kiss, but Lola Nidora want her to do it, Frankie told Lolo Nidora that it is okay and don't force Yaya Dub, he will just wait after the wedding and do it on their honeymoon.  Frankie brought a bag full of money amounted to 25 million for the wedding expenses, Lola Nidora was so happy when she saw the money in the bag.

They are now getting ready for the pre-nuptial pictorial arranged by Lola Nidora, during the pictorial Yaya Dub looks so misserable and Lola Nidora is forcing her to project happiness because it is a pre-nuptial pictorial, but Yaya Dub can't force herself to do that, and then Alden did a dubsmash for her and they began exchanging dubsmash song once again and then the kissing moment happens, the audience started screaming for excite as they screen-kiss each other, Lola Nidora tries to stop them, but it's too late they already kissed each other.

Continue to watch this exciting and funny first ever Kalye Serye.

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