Monday, August 10, 2015

Controlling someone else's arm with your brain... Creepy and Awsome!

Controlling  someone else's arm with your brain
Controlling  someone else's arm with your brain

Greg Gage and Tim Marzullo graduate school lab mate founded the Backyard Brains, their company makes simple and affordable neuroscience equipment accessible to everyone an amateur or a high school student who wants to discover Neuroscience (Brain Science).

According to Greg on his TED Talk in Vancouver "The brain is an amazing and complex organ.  While many people are fascinated by the brain, they can't really tell you that much about the properties, about how the brain works, because we don't teach neuroscience in schools."

One of the reasons why, according to Greg is "The equipment is so complex and so expensive, that it's really done at major universities and large institutions and so in order to able able to access the brain, you really need to dedicate your life and spend 6 1/2 years as a graduate student, just to become a Neuroscientist to get access to these tools."

Greg concerns, according to statistical data is that "1 out of 5, that is 20% of the entire world, will have a neurological disorder." And "There are zero cures for these diseases."

One of the solution that he thinks is to reach back at the earlier educational process and teaching students about neuroscience, so that in the future, they may be thinking about possibly becoming a brain scientist.

Greg brought some of their DIY neuroscience equipment a simple, non-invasive device that can be used in high school to teach student more about the electrical impulses of the nervous system and he will do a demonstration.  He invited two volunteers to come on stage to participate is this one of a kind presentation that seems like it came from a sci-fi movie scene.

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