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Fourth Power - X Factor UK Audition Week 1

Fourth Power - X Factor UK Audition
Fourth Power - X Factor UK Audition

Just in the first episode of The X Factor UK, the talent show is in the hot seat now, after a group of sisters all the way from the Philippines auditioned for the show.  The girl band named is "Fouth Power" who was tagged as "Professionals" by the critique of the show, because they already won in various singing competitions, namely:  Final winner in "It's Showtime" 2012 Philippines, 8th place "Superstar K" Korea, Won twice the World Championships of Performing Arts contest.

Some report says that they played at many private parties and functions in Monaco and other European spots.

However, the girl band mentioned in their pre-performance video “We’ve been competing in different places. Some people are saying we should just give up, we’re not going to make it. We are like, ‘No, we love this. We love X Factor UK.’ We are living our dreams. We just can’t believe it’s happening,” said Almira. Also the group is dreaming to perform in front of Simon Cowell.

The group wowed the audience and the judges.  Cheryl Fernandez Versini has this comment “You just absolutely took Wembly’s roof off. It’s funny, you came on, you’re so demure. The music kicks in, you all turn into little bad girls up there. It blew me.”

While, Rita Ora, for her part, said “It’s like you’re monsters but like minute monsters. The passion, the voices and the attitude, I was like, I want to be their sister. This audition has changed your lives."

Nick Grimshaw, said the audition of Fourth Power will certainly “blow up all over the world.”

Cowell agreed, saying it was “probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

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