Monday, August 10, 2015

Jose Manalo, recounted how "Yaya Dub" fainted

Jose Manalo, recounted how "Yaya Dub" fainted

Yaya Dub's (Maine Mendoza) fans express their support to her after she fainted during their Kalye Serye show in Eat Bulaga last Saturday, Jose Manalo told Chika Minute as he recounted the moments after Yaya Dub passed out and  the "YaKie" wedding scene that didn't push through because of that unexpected incident.

According to Jose Manalo, Maine Mendoza whispered to him saying "Kuya, I feel dizzy" and he responded are you sure? Maine didn't say anything more, she tried to hold on to Jose Manalo's arm to keep herself standing, Jose felt Maine hands holding on him and he looks at her and saw Maine's paled face, and then suddenly she passed out.

Jose's suspect that it is because of fatigue and the work demand of the show.  Maine Mendoza was brought to a nearby hospital and has discharged after her condition became stable, according to the doctors she just need enough body rest.

Twitter messages coming from Alden and Joey De Leon telling her to get well soon and the tremendous concern of AlDub fan base through social media that topped on Twitter #AlDubWeBelongTogether and the people appreciated the performance of Jose Manalo as Frankie, Wally Bayola as Lola Nidora and Alden Richards despite of what happen, they still manage to give a very excellent performance, that the viewers of the show was unaware of the real condition of Maine at that moment.

Jose Manalo tells the viewers of their show to continue to watch them and according to him, Frankie is determined to continue the interrupted wedding of his.

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Published on Aug 9, 2015

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