Monday, August 31, 2015

KALYE SERYE: Is Lola Nidora poisoned?

Is Lola Nidora poisoned?
Is Lola Nidora poisoned?

Last Saturday episode of Kalye Serye set a record for the largest number of tweets on a single hashtag and it was trending in the country and in the world.  It is also when Alden Richards accomplished the other challenge given by Lola Nidora.  To date Alden has two points on his score board and will surely face more difficult challenges.

Today is the continuation of Kalye Serye story that is now focused on the life of Yaya Dub who is her real mom, Lola Nidora made her believed that she's a child of one of their woman servants throughout her life, but when Lola Tidora and Lola Tinodora arrived they want to correct this mistake by revealing to Yaya Dub her real identity.  We already know that she is the niece of the three Lola's and she is the daughter of their younger sister.

Lola Tidora and Lola Tinodora is pressuring Lola Nidora to reveal the truth to Yaya Dub, but she insisted that this isn't the right time for her to know the truth, but she agreed to tell this secret only to them and Yaya Dub must not know these.

The moment of truth arrived and Lola Nidora for the first time mentioned the name of Yaya Dub real mother it is "Ysadora" but the two sisters were surprised because they don't know who is this "Ysadora" and then suddenly Lola Nidora fell and her mouth start foaming, is she poisoned? Will Lola Nidora survived from this incident?

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