Sunday, August 30, 2015

KALYE SERYE: Who will play Yaya Dub's Mother

Alden Richards thanks all the fans of AlDub on this record setting tweets
Alden Richards thanks all the fans of AlDub on this record setting tweets

Last Saturday Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye episode still hangs in suspense on who is the real mother of Yaya Dub.  For several days this secret has not yet been revealed, Lola Nidora made us believe that it is Lola Tinodora, but upon the much anticipated arrival of Lola Tinodora, she told everyone that she is not the mother of Yaya Dub, it's their younger sister is the real mother.  Lola Tinodora takes the shame and disgrace to save the reputation of their younger sister who fell in love with one of their male servants and Yaya Dub is the fruit of that forbidden relationship.

Meanwhile the fans of the show are guessing who will play the part of the Yaya Dub mother.  Some suggest is Pops Fernandez because they somehow look alike, some say it can be Donya Ina played by Michael V in Bubble Gang show, other say why not Marian Rivera or Antonnietta played by Betong Sumaya.  Eugene Domingo is also a good candidate because of her character Kimmy Dora.

Maybe this secret will be revealed on Monday when the show goes back to air.

Also last Saturday episode set a record of 3.5 million tweets on a single hash tag "ALDUBMaidenHeaven" in the country and worldwide.

Maine Mendoza shows her gratitude by posting a dance Dubsmash, while Alden Richards thanks all the fans in his news television interview.

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