Friday, August 28, 2015

Lola Tinodora's Arrival at Kalye Serye

Lola Tinodora's Arrival at Kalye Serye

In today's Kalye Serye, Lola Nidora still want to maintain good terms with Yaya Dub promising her vacations and now even voice lessons for her, but in return Lola Nidora is asking Yaya Dub to listen and believed to her alone not to anyone else and that she made Yaya Dub swear on it.

The Lola Nidora's other concern is her twin Lola Tidora who together with Jose is searching for their lost twin sister Lola Tinodora yesterday they've gone to various radio and TV news programs asking their help to find Lola Tinodora.

Then a car arrived at the scene where Lola Nidora is in, coming out of the car is Lola Tidora who, after coming out of the car was carried by her bodyguards "The Bernardo's" the two talked about their hatred for each other and exchanging insulting words and treats of exposing the other one.

While they are bickering, another car has arrived to the surprise of many it was Lola Tinodora, after coming out of the car is dancing in "Rico Mambo" music and together with her are the "Quando's" her bodyguards.

The triplet sisters are finally complete, Lola Nidora was surprised to see her sister Lola Tinodora still alive and well.  Now, it's time for the two's to start their words and insult fight.  Lola Nidora considers her sister to be dead after she kicks her out of the mansion.  Not easily be insulted Lola Tinodora answers back at her, if I am dead, you smell like a carcass.

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