Monday, August 31, 2015

Miley Cyrus' Outfit Made Paul McCartney Uncomfortable

Miley Cyrus at Jimmy Kimmel Live
Miley Cyrus at Jimmy Kimmel Live
Miley Cyrus is a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show as part of her extended appearance as she hosted the Video Music Award (VMA).  Cyrus even participates in the show's I Witness segment wherein she (In incognito as Austrian News Reporter) will interview people on the streets and ask their opinion about her (Miley Cyrus).  Unknowingly, that it is Miley, who is talking to them majority of the feedback is unflattering.

On the interview segment of Miley with the host of the show Jimmy Kimmel.  Miley wore a very revealing top and Jimmy was very uncomfortable and doesn't know where and how to look at her without the awkwardness.

And their conversation was focused on Miley's choice of attire (Cardigan and heart-shaped pasties).  Jimmy, who has a daughter whose age is almost the same to her.  He asked Miley what his Dad says about her outfit, Cyrus replied "My dad would rather me have my t*ts out and be a good person than have a shirt on and be a b**ch".

Miley Cyrus also recalls her encounter with Sir Paul McCartney earlier this year as she inducted Joan Jett into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Miley said to Jimmy "I was talking to Paul McCartney and saw him not knowing how to talk to me," Cyrus said. "It made me more comfortable because it made him more uncomfortable."  She also said "Sometimes it's a nice conversation icebreaker. You can be like 'Stop staring at my t*ts!' and the conversation just keeps going."

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