Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One of the best street performers

One of the best street performers
One of the best street performers

Around the world you will find some sort of street performances such as singing, dancing, clowning, mime, magic, living statue, street art and any other forms of street entertainment.

Their rewards are generally in the form of money or gratuities, but in the days of old they gave gratuities such as food, drink or a gift. People who are engaged in this practice are called street performers or buskers.

Many well known celebrities started as buskers like Tracy Chapman, John Butler, Mike Doughty, Newton Faulkner, G4 and even famous artist want to experience performing on the street.

Who would know maybe the street performer that you see on the street may be the next celebrity artist.

In this video we will a one man performing artist, singing with his custom made musical instruments.  In the video information the name of the man who is performing is Ryan and he is a member of the band "Frog & Henry" and their website is http://www.frogandhenry.com

Check them out!

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