Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pinoy Fail and Funny Video Collection

An amateur film shoot - Woman actors slip and fell into the pond
An amateur film shoot - Woman actors slip and fell into the pond
This video contains a series of Filipino fail and funny videos that would make laugh out loud.  A good break from other country's funny videos caught on camera.

First video:
An amateur movie shoot.  The scene is a female actor is being chased by a man, she hurriedly runs away from him and she has to walk over a pond via the two fallen trees, however, she accidentally slips and fell into the water, she's crying when she got up off the water.

Second video:
A male teenager with an improvised hang glider on the roof of his house and ready to fly.  He jumps out of the roof and poor boy's hang glider didn't work and fell straight down, lucky he fell on top of stacks of hays.

Third video:
Teenage boy singing Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Ou Loud" song with his friend who is playing an acoustic guitar.  This young man is really into his singing feeling every word of the song, moving his head grooving with the music.  But when he leans back on the bench where he sit, the bench tumbles backward and his back fell to the ground and his friends laugh at him hysterically.

Fourth video:
A man records his punching bag routine of his kick boxing practice.  Very impressive and powerful kicks, punches and combinations coming from this man, but bad placement of punching bag, it's hanging beside a metal post, when his kick misses the bag, his foot hit the metal post sending him on his knee in great pain and can hardly stand and walk.

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