Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Teenager's Jeepney Dubsmash

Teenager Dubsmashing throughout his Jeepney travel
Teenager Dubsmashing throughout his Jeepney travel

Lip sync in old school term, now it's Dubsmash the most popular mobile app in the country (Philippines) today, from common people to popular celebrities is posting their Dubsmash video on Facebook and other social media sites.

So popular that it also reached mainstream television programs like Eat Bulaga the number one noontime variety show, in their segment Problem Solving a character named Yaya Dub, she has no speaking voice and her way of communication is through Dubsmash or dubbing, she now one of the hottest talent in noontime show.  She was discovered through Facebook because of her popular Dubsmash videos.

Young people are doing different types of Dubsmash video of a song, short dialog from a movie and now even scene from a movie are being recreated through dubbing or dubsmash, a positive effect that makes young people be creative here's a sample movie scene.

Influenced by Dubsmash and current popular culture this teenager is Dubmashing throughout his jeepney (a public transportation vehicle in the Philippines) ride, the video was recorded by a fellow passenger who probably was entertained and decided to video record it.  The first song titled "Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako" sang by Kz Tandigan, truly a funny dubsmashing performance from this teenager.

Watch the full video and be entertained.  This video was uploaded on YouTube by Pinoy News Blogger.

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