Monday, August 31, 2015

The Hey Joe Show guys with AlDub fever

The Hey Joe Show guys on AlDub
The Hey Joe Show guys on AlDub

AlDub fever is spreading like wildfire here in the Philippines trending daily on twitter and other social media site.

The last Satuday episode was a record breaking on twitter site 3.5 million tweets on a single hashtag  #ALDUBMaidenHeaven.

Famous celebrities here in the Philippines proclaimed that they are AlDub fans from movies, television, politicians, singers and professional athletes.

Now, even the popular four Americans who speak Visayan Cebuano very fluently who became known to the Filipino's through their YouTube videos that went viral in the country.

Their YouTube channel is Hey Joe Show loaded with hilarious Filipino humor, spoken in straight Visayan dialect. They learn the Visayan dialect when they were assigned to the country as Mormon missionaries for two years.

In this video these men, namely Sumner, Connor, Tylan, Davis, & Jake are concealing to each other that they watching and following the Kalye Serye show of Eat Bulaga featuring the accidental love team of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Miane Mendoza).

This video is property of Hey Joe Show and was uploaded to YouTube.
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