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Wally Bayola, there are other characters that give life to the Kalye Serye

Wally Bayola, there are other characters that give life to the Kalye Serye
Wally Bayola, there are other characters that give life to the Kalye Serye

Mr. Wally Bayola one of the mainstays of Philippine number one noontime show Eat Bulaga and one of the stars in the popular Kalye Serye segment of Eat Bulaga, playing the role of Lola Nidora and DuhRizz.

Wally Bayola talks about how he portrays those characters on their show.  According to him his theater acting training that prepared him to play these types of impromptu character role, he explains in one of their theatre acting activities is to dress themselves and introduced themselves in character to their acting teacher and it should be believable.

One of the characters he played on the Kalye Serye show is DuhRizz great grandchild of Lola Nidora from New York who came back home to be with her grandmother who was supposedly diagnosed with terminal illness.

And the other character that he played is Lola Nidora Esperanza y Biyuda De Explorer.  According to Wally during his makeup and dressing rehearsal, he noticed that he will be playing a rich woman character and it was confirmed by the show's writer.

Wally was asked about his personal health condition, according to him, he had a terrible cough that lasted for three weeks due to weather and temperature changes.  We have to remember that the show is done on the streets of different city's barangays.

He also reveals that he has a daughter named Rian who is undergoing cancer treatment.  His character made his daughter laugh while watching their show.  Relatives of other cancer patient are asking Wally to greet them, because his effective and funny character performances are making them laugh, which help them to overcome their sickness.

Mr. Wally Bayola assures the fans of the show that he will do his best to provide entertainment and there will be more characters that will appear in their show, according to him the Explorer family is a very big family.

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