Friday, August 21, 2015

Want to Hear Yaya Dub Singing Voice?

Yaya Dub Singing Voice
Yaya Dub Singing Voice

Known as Yaya Dub in the popular noontime Kalye Serye show segment of Eat Bulaga, where Maine Mendoza her real name plays a Nanny that only speaks Dubsmash dialog, her speaking and singing voice is still unheard by  regular television viewers.

But, her singing voice can be heard on an internet site called Smule and search for mainedcm her account name.  The songs were recorded in 2013.  The time where Yaya Dub doesn't exist.

Her recorded music was played to some regular people and was asked how they would rate the voice behind the those songs without telling them it's Yaya Dub.

They were surprised upon learning that it was her and they were impressed with her singing talent.  Would she someday be a recording artist just like Alden Richards, who signed a recording contract at GMA records.

At the right time this question will be answered, just like the AlDub love story.

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