Monday, August 24, 2015

Yaya Dub makes Alden Richard laugh

Yaya Dub makes Alden Richard laugh

In today's Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye, Yaya Dub is so happy because last Saturday's wedding with Frankie Arinoli is null and void, which mean AlDub forever love story will continue.

Meanwhile, Lola Nidora still upset that she didn't get the money she needed for the ransom of her secret diary.  Frankie Arinoli almost signed the check as his bride token to Lola Nidora when the police arrived an the wedding venue to arrest the fake pastor for Estafa and Lola Nidora's manipulation scheme were also revealed there.

Yaya Dub is joyfully dancing with Alden as they continue their forever love story, when Lola Nidora once again give a stern warning to Alden that he will go through a very difficult challenge to win her approval and Alden should wheedle Lola Nidora.

Alden promised that he will fight his love for Yaya Dub and will face any hurdle that Lola Nidora will bring.

Then Frankie Arinoli came into the picture to bid farewell to everyone and say what he felt during last Saturday unlegal wedding, he felt used and his life right now is in mess all because of Lola Nidora's selfish reasons.

The failed wedding resulted in the leak of some of Lola Nidora's pictures as a warning to her that she should pay the ransom of her diary.  Lola Nidora beg the black mailer not to release all the pictures and promised to pay them.

In this episode AlDub fans saw real "Kilig" moments when Yaya Dub share a joke to Alden asking the first name of Kenji and the joke made Alden laugh.

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