Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Alden is searching for Yaya Dub inside the studio

Alden is searching for Yaya Dub inside the studio

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Today in Kalye Serye, It's been five days since Yaya Dub was kidnapped and nothing positive happens.  Lola Nidora is going door to door asking people if they'd seen Yaya Dub and giving them missing people flyers.  Paolo Balesteros found Lola Nidora under the heat of the day talking to people trying to find her granddaughter.

Paolo took her in the cool and shaded area and noticed how miserable Lola Nidora conditions.  Her Rogelio's is doing the same thing trying to locate Yaya Dub, but no success either.

Alden Richards is in the streets of Aurora Boulevard giving missing person flyers to all kinds of vehicles that passes by on that street, pasting the flyer's on walls, sign board and handing it out to every person that he see's but with no success at the moment.  Alden also post that flyer on social media sites and his only comfort is to gaze at Yaya Dub's pictures on his computer.

Lola Tinodora also does the same thing with the helpful numbers of her Aldead's.  They paste the missing person flyers on their Polo Barong's and they'd dances around the neighborhood.

Suddenly, the captors of Yaya Dub called telling them that she's in the neighborhood in the house with green gate, they immediately proceed to that house and they found a young lady they were overjoyed they finally found her, but upon seeing her face it is not Yaya Dub.  The captors mockingly laughing at them and told them Yaya Dub is just inside the Broadway studio and it was Alden's turn to look for her, but after looking at several places the captors had said, still no Yaya Dub.

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