Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alden Richards missed Yaya Dub so much!

Alden Richards missed Yaya Dub so much!
Alden Richards missed Yaya Dub so much!

In today's Eat Bulaga's Kalye Seye episode, Lola Nidora is upset about her other maid named Rhiana, because she is recently engaged to a British man and Lola Nidora is not approved in that immediate engagement, according to her they should have given themselves enough time to know each other better.  We don't know if this Rhiana will be an another character in the show.

Meanwhile, Yaya Dub is well enough to be back on the show, Alden, who missed her so much yesterday was so happy to see her again.  The Lola's tried to help Yaya Dub to speak because of the mystery voices that they heard two days ago, is that the voice of Yaya Dub? Still remains a mystery to all.

Lola Nidora wanted to check her email since Monday and wasn't able to because of what happened to Yaya Dub two days ago only her who knows Lola Nidora's email password, she opened the email account and gave it to Lola Nidora, while she reads it, her eyes are wide open and she screamed and once again a voice were heard saying "Aldub You."

Another cliff hanging scene ending.  What is the email about? And why Lola Nidora screaming? And the mysterious voice where it came from and who's that speaking to them?

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