Monday, September 21, 2015

ALDUB Behind the scene first date on KMJS

Alden Richards, Interview after his first date with Yaya Dub
Alden Richards, Interview after his first date with Yaya Dub

The "Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho" show was given an exclusive access to report the behind the scene of Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye featuring ALDUB first date, with record breaking Twitter twits of 12.1 million with hashtag ‪#‎ALDUBMostAwaitedDate‬ on September 19, 2015.

Ms. Jessica Soho enters at the backstage where Alden Richards does his moment scenes during Kalye Serye.  The excitement is all around the studio, homes, malls, on the streets, people stop what they're doing to watch Kalye Serye.

Ms. Jessica Soho interview the hosts and the people who worked behind the scene making sure that everything is in perfect timing, the attention to details like lights, camera shots, prompters, it should be well coordinated and the most difficult is their remote broadcast of "Kalye Serye" which is the first in Philippine Television history.  She asked Tito Sotto what makes ALDUB successful? According to him "It's down to earth, because it happens on the street and people can relate to what's happening in the show."

Hosts of Eat Bulaga were interviewed for their reactions after the Kalye Serye, Pia Guanio says "The date is too short and we wondering what happen to Yaya Dub."  Ruby Rodriguez says "We're thrilled and happy."  Allan K, commented "It's beautiful, because Yaya Dub choose to do her responsibility to her Lola who brought her up since she was litte."  Vic Sotto "Its was thrilling and exciting, beautiful though to short, what I like about it we don't know what will happen next, just like all the television viewers."  Joey De Leon "ALDUB was a gift from heaven, is a rebirth for Eat Bulaga"  Alden Richards "The date is too short and didn't expect to be that short, I want to chase her, but I remember Lola Nidora's advice to honor your words."

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