Friday, September 25, 2015

ALDUB still needs to be tested through longevity and critical acclaim

Mr. Noel Ferrer objective critique on ALDUB
Mr. Noel Ferrer objective critique on ALDUB

There is no denying the ALDUB success is a phenomenal hit in Philippine Television viewers with its on-screen and online achievement is never been seen before.

However, show business writer, critic and manager Mr. Noel Ferrer has his thought and challenge to ALDUB phenomenon and its fans.

According to him ALDUB must pass these three tests to be counted as one of the greatest "love team" in Philippine Entertainment history.  These are Impact, longevity and critical acclaim.

The impact factor, they already achieved that, longevity it will depend on the creative people around "Kalye Serye" and ALDUB fans and critical acclaim will depend on the project that they will get from producers.

As ALDUB individual talent, there's a good sign that these two are naturally talented in performance art, they just have to improve it and be mentored by the successful people around them and their commitment on the career they have chosen.

Personally, I believed they will accomplish these two points that Mr. Ferrer objectively defined.

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