Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Australian news anchors speechless, in horror after a news segment about Sharks

News Anchors Stefanovic and Wilkinson speechless in horror after a news segment about sharks
News Anchors Stefanovic and Wilkinson speechless in horror after a news segment about sharks
What a way to start your day as a news anchor of an Australian morning television news show.  News studio anchors Karl Stefanovic open the news segment about the new technology and technique that allows cameramen of Discovery Channel to get up closed more that ever filming the great white sharks.

These new underwater vessel technologies called the W.A.S.P (Water Armour Shark Protection) that enables divers to walk along the ocean floor while filming sharks.

Huge great while shark jump out of the surface
In the report a video of one diver walking along the ocean floor off the coast of New Zealand together with a large shark that approaching behind him.  He said “You never want a white shark to get this close to your head.”

The Discovery Channel’s Jeff Kurr said the "WASP was not impenetrable.  A great white shark can smash any cage to pieces if it really wanted to but these sharks are cautious by nature. So, they’ll probably knock [the WASP] around and test it.”

Another underwater craft called the Hornet that enabled diver Dickie Chivell to capture incredible video from above and below the ocean’s surface as a 15 foot great white jump out of the surface.

Quick cut back to the anchors Stefanovic and Wilkinson, mouth open and speechless in horror.

News anchor Mr. Stefanovic in shock
"I am never going back in the water," Stefanovic said.

News anchor Ms. Wilkinson in horror
"Me either," Wilkinson replied. "No way! Ugh!"

That's the biggest thing I've ever seen.

Stuff summer!

I'm just going to the local pool.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by News Time.

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