Friday, September 25, 2015

BAE ALDEN Facial expression when "Kilig"

Alden Richards facial expression when "Kilig"
Alden Richards facial expression when "Kilig"

September 25 episode of Kalye Serye featuring ALDUB on-screen love story, Yaya Dub came to work with a pimple on her face and Filipinos have this saying that if you have a pimple it means you are somehow in love.

This makes Yaya Dub blush because of the teasing she gets from fellow Dabardkads and coincidentally, this is the eve of the ALDUB second date, but this time Alden will visit Yaya Dub in Lola Nidora's mansion.

Alden Richards is being coached by the Dabarkads in the studio, giving him pointers on what to do and how to behave when he visits Yaya Dub tomorrow in Lola Nidora's mansion.

Meanwhile, Lola Nidora's gave some ground rules on the ALDUB second date on her mansion, which the following no touching, Alden will bring "Chicharon" and he will serenade Yaya Dub with a song.

Lola Nidora also agreed with the short table about a foot in length that all the fans are requesting.  When the show was about to end another words were once again heard coming from Yaya Dub.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting second date of ALDUB.

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