Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FUNNY: America's Funniest Video Collection

America's Funniest Video
America's Funniest Video 

America's Funniest Home Videos started airing as a special on November 26, 1989 and debuted as a regular weekly series on January 14, 1990, it was hosted by Bob Saget from the special to the first eight seasons.

It was part of every television program watched by people around the world pre-internet and YouTube era the original epic fail, practical jokes, accidents and mishaps videos, the granddaddy of all funny video compilation.

Let's watch this American's Funniest Home Videos Best of Compilation.

First clip, a woman walking beside a swimming pool and she saw a basketball hoop and started using it as a pole dancing bar, she almost made a perfect turn, but her weight pulls the basketball hoop to the water with her.

Second clip, two little girls playing in a mini plastic seesaw, their weight is not balanced, letting the heavier girl on the ground while the lighter girl up on the other end and she can't hold on any longer and feel on top of the other girl.

Third clip, two boys is boxing against each other, the boy on the red trunk's showing off his fancy footwork against on a much taller opponent, he moved around in circles letting himself not to see his opponent and boom here comes the punch.

Watch the rest of American's Funniest Home Video Best of Compilation and challenge yourself if you will not laugh until the video ends.

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