Saturday, September 5, 2015

KALYE SERYE: AlDub Happy, Sad and Tragedy First Meet Up

AlDub Happy and Sad First Meet Up
AlDub Happy and Sad First Meet Up

It's Saturday and after rehearsing their acts both Alden Richards and Yaya Dub will battle it out on Bulaga Pa More Dabarkads Contest.  This is the moment of truth for the two lovers who was forbidden not to see each other as part of Lola Nidora's condition for Yaya Dub to be allowed to participate once again in that contest and they both agreed on the terms set by Lola Nidora.

While Yaya Dub is performing her acts, Alden is being watched and guarded by Lola Tinodora.  Alden, admiring Yaya Dub every move.  After Yaya Dub performance the two didn't control themselves, they walk and run trying to find each other and finally see each one eye to eye.

Since they are performing in Eat Bulaga studio there will be lots of wall dividers and the two is having a hard time searching for each other.  After circling several times the two finally see each other in person and eye to eye, it was a happy moment for the two lovers and they walk towards each other closer and closer.

As they were about to hold each other, a wall partition suddenly dropped between the two and on the ceiling, it's Lola Nidora who was very disappointed on the two because they broke their promise to Lola Nidora that they will not attempt to see each other.

Lola Nidora points out the value of promised words, fulfilling your words, it will produce trust and confidence from people who you gave your words to.

The supposed happy meetings turn to regrets and tragedy when Yaya Dub was abducted by two unknown men and was taken out of the studio and was forced to get in a van and got away from the pursuing Alden Richards and Lola Nidora.

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