Wednesday, September 2, 2015

KALYE SERYE: AlDub Miss Each Other!

AlDub miss each other
AlDub miss each other

Yesterday episode of Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye was another mystery for the viewers a certain woman who passed all the tests of Lola Nidora to prove that she is the real Isadora the missing mother of Yaya Dub.  The two sisters Tidora and Tinodora can't believe that Lola Nidora will dismiss the woman as an impostor and was dragged out from their presence.

Today, Lola Tidora ask her sister why she dismissed the woman yesterday, and Lola Nidora told her that they must  protect themselves from fake people and the woman yesterday is still under background investigation and was not totally ruled out as the possible true Isadora.

Meanwhile, Lola Tidora announced that she will end her visits here in the country and she will go back to Massachusetts, United States.  Her flight is  tomorrow 2am.  Her request to Nidora is to tell the truth to Yaya Dub, Nidora assured her that it will be revealed at the proper time.  The two sisters reconciled their differences and they believed that blood is thicker than water.

Alden, who misses Yaya Dub so much that he had to ask Lola Nidora where is Yaya Dub?  Then finally Yaya Dub showed up and the first song was "Miss na, Miss kita" by Father and Son.  Alden immediately wrote to Yaya Dub "Miss you!" and Yaya Dub wrote back, "Miss U Too!"

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