Friday, September 18, 2015

Lola Tinodora and Tidora prepares Yaya Dub for her date

Alden to Yaya Dub, You're still beautiful
Alden to Yaya Dub, You're still beautiful

Manila, Philippines, Today on Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye, the two Lola's Tinodora and Tidora are both excited for Yaya Dub and Alden Richards date tomorrow and they wanted Yaya Dub to be in her beautiful and presentable look for that date, they brought several dresses for Yaya Dub to choose each according to the two Lola's taste and fashion style, but their clothes selection is awful and Yaya Dub doesn't like it, but appreciates their effort.

The two Lola's, is also preparing Yaya Dub on proper attitude and manners of a Filipina Lady, Lola Tinodora couches her on how to project a proper smile and covering her mouth.

They also teach Yaya Dub on the proper table etiquette, they started on how to sit down and the sitting posture, the sequence of utensils and food sequence.

While, the two Lola's are focusing on the appearance of Yaya Dub and the way she will act properly, Lola Nidora is reminding Yaya Dub about the difference of crush and love, value yourself as a person.  Lola Nidora also gave an advice to Alden, if you will love someone, you should give yourself to that one person.  Then she goes back to Yaya Dub that don't expect too much and when you get hurt, wipe your tears and moved on, now with more wisdom on how to handle love.

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