Thursday, September 3, 2015

WATCH: Mr. Bean as a Martial Arts Expert. In This Very Funny, TV Commercials

Mr. Bean in very funny Snickers commercials
Mr. Bean in very funny Snickers commercials

Rowan Atkinson is known internationally as the funny and entertaining Mr. Bean, loved by everyone from child to adult television viewers his character Mr. Bean attracted many television viewers in the planet because it doesn't have dialogue, by his great acting talent, anyone will laugh at his comedic antics.

In 2012 Atkinson at the age of 50's, intended to retire his Mr. Bean because of its physical demand and it reached its commercial success internationally and the role of Mr. Bean has already typecast him to a degree and he doesn't want to do childlike acting when you're on your 50's.

However, in 2014 Mr. Bean emerged once more as an animated series and in October he made this Advert for chocolate company Snikcers where he played a martial art student.

Mr. Bean will be always part of our life and younger generations will discover his work and will surely be laughing their hearts out.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Marko Mareli.

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