Thursday, September 10, 2015

He poured a molten aluminum into a watermelon, and he got a surprise of his life

Molten Aluminum poured inside a Watermelon
Molten Aluminum poured inside a Watermelon
Today on The Backyard Scientist, Becker is curious about pouring molten aluminum to a watermelon, what will happen? Will it explode? Can the watermelon handle the heat of a molten aluminum?

Becker is geared up with his protective clothes and gloves and his assistant is putting holes on the watermelon and ready to start this experiment.

This is one of those times when you expect one thing to happen, but something completely different happens and it's totally amazing.

The rundown punched a hole in a watermelon and melt the aluminum, place to a propane powered foundry then poured out the molten aluminum into the watermelon.

There is no real explosion, but there was a lot of little steam explosions.  The water inside the watermelon is reacting to the heat of the molten aluminum discharging water vapor and some liquid aluminum.

What will be the results and what is watermelon and the aluminum looks like inside.  What happened is the aluminum found little channels throughout the watermelon that's connected to seed chambers to each other and this caused this awesome casting to happen is totally unintentional.

Source: YouTube by TheBackardScientist

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