Monday, September 7, 2015

Ten Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Princess Juliana International Airport, Sain
Perot airport in Bhutan is sandwiched between two eighteen thousand plus foot Himalayan mountains which makes it one of the most dangerous places to land planes in the world as they must be maneuvered between them alongside strong mountain winds to land on a tiny runway planes are only allowed to land during the day when visibility is at its best as flying during the night would be too dangerous in fact this airport is so dangerous that only eight pilots on the planet are qualified enough to land here they have to maneuver between mountains fly within feet of houses and land on a narrow 6,500 feet runway.

Most major cities have an airport but rarely are they built just five miles from the city centre especially metropolis is like Sao Paulo the reason behind Conganas close proximity to downtown was that after it was completed in 1936 the city experience rapid development in the following decades, while having an airport only five miles from the city center maybe a convenience for commuters it places a strain on both pilots and air traffic control cruise the awkward runway noise restrictions in the arrival and departure routes that are needed to minimize noise print  become quite challenge for pilots because of the design of the runway  rainwater also proves to be dangerous at this airport with the slippery runways being the cause of several accidents.

Land is a scarce resource in Japan, so they built in airport three miles offshore into the Osaka bay to build the structure, travelers can get from the airport to the main island of Honshu via a car, railroad for high-speed ferry.  The airport is 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide large enough that it's visible from space earthquakes, dangerous cyclones and unstable seabed are just some other variables the threatens the land survival the low elevation at this airport meanwhile, makes a very susceptible to as an Army should one hit a professor aviation technology cautions that climate change and rising sea levels also pose a very real threat, he said when this was built engineers probably didn't account for global warming in 50 years or so this might be underwater.

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