Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Frightening Caused of one Woman's Headaches

Eight tapeworm larvae inside a woman's brain (video screenshot)
Eight tapeworm larvae inside a woman's brain (video screenshot)
31 year-old Yadira Roastro from Garland, Texas, is having a headache for months and sometimes her sight will be impaired and couldn't see properly, she finally visited a doctor and the findings are a Parasite living in her brain not just one, but eight tapeworm larvae that nested themselves in her brain, surviving through the blood supply and beginning to grow.

According to the Neuro surgeon, doctor the parasite was likely picked up on a trip in Mexico two years ago, after ingesting fecal contaminated food or water (a common way for tapeworm to transfer between hosts).

Tapeworm eggs normally pass through the body in a harmless manner via the bloodstream, but according to the doctor it's bad luck to her because the eggs ends up in her brain and nested in there.

Roastro is happy to be alive and her headaches are gone, she's feeling better she will make a full recovery after nearly nine months of pain but grateful to God that she is alive.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by USA TODAY.

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