Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Ultimate Movie Mashup, Crazy and Amazing.

Scarface's Tony Montana meets the Terminator
Scarface's Tony Montana meets the Terminator
Mashup became popular in the pop music subculture were two recorded music is digitally combined and sync the music and vocal tracks are mixed to produce a very unique music.

Now, we introduce to you the work of Antonio Maria Da Silva of AMDS Films when he created a video mashup of different Hollywood blockbuster movies like Terminator, Collateral, Scarface, RoboCop, Pulp Fiction, Starwars, Saturday Night Fever, Cocktail, The Mask, Trainspotting, Boogie Nights, Blade 2, American Psycho, Austin Powers, Michael Jackson music video and combined them and color filtered into one great scene, guess what scene it is? Of course, virtually every movie has a very interesting, action pact and memorable "Club" scenes.

Welcome to to "Hell's Club" where John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction would think of Tony Manero’s dance moves from Saturday Night Fever? And  Brian Flanagan from Cocktail crossed paths with Vincent from Collateral? You’ll also see the Terminator, Tony Montana, Anakin Skywalker, Michael Jackson, Pinhead, Blade and allot more.  These great characters will meet to drink, talked, stare at each other, dance and inevitably fight.

"Hell's Club" is outside time and logic and it's not a safe place to hang out with your friends.  Enjoy the "Stayin Alive" music by The Bee Gees and remember the great club scenes of your favorite movies.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Antonio Maria da Silva AMDSFILMS.

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