Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This kid leaves a basket on an escalator, when I see why, my mind is blown

Basket on Escalator Football Trick Shoot
Basket on Escalator Football Trick Shoot
In the celebration of FIFA World Cup in Brazil last 2014 burger giant McDonald's who is the official sponsor and the official restaurant of FIFA World Cup for 20 years.

In relation to this World event, McDonald's has launched its augmented reality (AR) mobile application where customers can scan their french fries box and play this augmented reality game.

The ad campaign was kickoff with these two-minute celebration of football trick shots, fancy footwork and surprising skill.  The people who performed this amazing trick shots were largely unknown, drawn from around the world.

Some commenters on YouTube says that the video is fake, but the creators assure everyone that it is absolutely legit and no CGI was used in the video.

Two notable appearances by Argentine model Fiorella Castillo  (the woman in the black dress and heels) and the Multisport trick shooters from How Ridiculous.

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