Friday, September 11, 2015

Wally Bayola, tells his motorcycle accident experience

Wally Bayola, tells his motorcycle accident experience
Wally Bayola, tells his motorcycle accident experience

Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye star Lola Nidora, Duhrizz and Dora the explorer played by comedian Wally Bayola who tells his fascination in motorcycle in this TV news report.

According to Wally his love for motorcycle started with his friends who taught him how to ride, he doesn't have a motorcycle this was in his high school days.

His interest in motorcycle came from his guardian who brought him up when his parent got separated when he's still young.

He gets his driving tips and technique from his fellow motorcycle riders in the group, he is now very careful and want to be safe on the road since he's been involved in one road accident.

He told what happen to that accident, he was going home on his motorcycle from a very late show. He is in the fast lane position when another motorcycle abruptly changed lane to where he is, to avoid collision he step onto his break, but with his speed the motorcycle began to wiggle and cannot be controlled, he is sliding sideways on the road and he decided to get off from the motorcycle, his head hit the road luckily survived because of his protective helmet.

He suffers bruises to his knees, while his motorcycle were under a huge truck, he shows the scratch on his helmet and according to Wally if he wore a motorcycle knee pad, he would not be bruised from that accident.

Wally with one accident on his record, he has no plan to stop riding a motorcycle and he knows now the importance of motorcycle safety gears.

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