Sunday, September 13, 2015

What will happen if you add propane gas to a Cola?

Pumping propane gas into a bottle of Coke
Pumping propane gas into a bottle of Coke 
This is the new Coca Cola plus Propane mixture of unknown reactions that will give unexpected awesome results, and excitement that you will witness upon watching this video.

Steps one a bottle of Coke dispose some of it probably 2oz to make space for the propane gas.

Step two pumped in propane gas into the bottle of Coke the more propane gas goes in, the more power on the Coke rocket thrust.

Step three turned the Coke bottle upside down and the magic will start to happen.

What happened? As this liquid gas starts to mixed with Coke Cola soda it will trigger a violent reaction a very significant amount of soda foam will be released as the mixture turns into a gaseous state, increasing its volume 500 times, as it expand from the bottle it creates a "rocket" like acceleration thrust sending the bottle on the air.

Is this awesome?

This video was uploaded to YouTube by kreosan.

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