Thursday, October 1, 2015

ALDUB 11th Week Anniversary Happy Celebration

ALDUB Love Song Duet

Today, October 1, In Eat Bulaga the number one noontime show in the Philippines their "Kalye Serye" segment featuring Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is also known as "ALDUB" Celebrates their 11th week anniversary and almost the whole country is celebrating with them.

Before the celebration begins, Lola Nidora want to see the CCTV footages of last Saturday Alden's visit to her mansion where there's an accidental touching of hands between Alden and Yaya Dub, that violated her rule of no touching between them.

After her review, she concluded that it is not Alden fault it is Yaya Dub who hold the hands of Alden, but Lola Nidora appreciates the honesty of the two and find it in her to forgive them.

Yaya Dub mentioned yesterday that she will have a surprise gift to Alden and that is a box of cupcake delivered to him in the studio, while Alden gift to Yaya Dub is a bouquet of flowers and with a personal letter to Yaya Dub.

Another big surprise to Alden is Yaya Dub's singing voice which really surprised and puzzling to him.

Lola Nidora surprised gift to ALDUB is that they will visit Eat Bulaga's studios were all the Dabarkads will meet Yaya Dub, it's like getting to know Alden's studio family.

Saturday will be another big event for ALDUB Nation be sure to watch it.

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