Thursday, October 22, 2015

ALDUB 14th Weeksary Celebration

ALDUB 14th Weeksary Celebration
ALDUB 14th Weeksary Celebration

The Philippine number one noontime show Eat Bulaga, Kalye Serye featuring Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub, Alden Richards, Wally Bayola as the following characters Lola Nidora, DuhRizz, Rhianna, Jose Manalo as Lola Tinidora and Paolo Ballesteros as Lola Tidora.

In today's episode of Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye, ALDUB is celebrating their 14th weeksary, their Dubsmash synchronization is getting better and better and the fans are loving it.

It seems that ALDUB can't hold their feelings, it is quite obvious that they have special feelings for each other which can be seen in their actions and reactions.

Lola Nidora's no touching rules are longer be imposed on Alden and Yaya Dub, and the possibility of ALDUB kissing is quite inevitable as Eat Bualaga's Dabarkads see it as somehow will happen this coming Saturday.

Lola Nidora's comment on that is "It's up to them, if they wanted it to happen"  The "Tamang Panahon" event is getting closer and all are excited.

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