Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ALDUB Emotional separation (Momentary)

ALDUB Emotional momentary separation
ALDUB Emotional separation

The Philippine number one noontime show Eat Bulaga, Kalye Serye featuring Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub, Alden Richards, Wally Bayola as the following characters Lola Nidora, DuhRizz, Rhianna, Jose Manalo as Lola Tinidora and Paolo Ballesteros as Lola Tidora.

In today's episode, Yaya Dub finally understood that she needs to go away for a while to hide from Isadora, her mother who had left just after her birth and gave her to Lola Nidora her mother's sister to take care of her.

This situation so hard and sad for everyone and tears fell down from their eyes as they say their goodbye's, Lola Nidora didn't fail to explain and give her wisdom, thought, advice and care to Yaya Dub.

Lola Nidora want to talk with Isadora heart to heart before giving up Yaya Dub and make everything that had happened clear to Yaya Dub at the proper time.

As Yaya got into the van, Alden Richards suddenly rushes to the studio to see Yaya Dub for the last time before she goes, but the van already left, lucky the driver notices Alden arrival and the two say their proper goodbye for a momentary separation.

The emotional Alden was given comfort and words of wisdom from Lola Nidora, about true love and momentary separation, the physical distance is nothing as long as each other's heart are connected.

If you can see it with your eyes, look at it with your heart.

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