Friday, October 2, 2015

ALDUB: Meet the Broadway Studio Family

ALDUB, Meet the Broadway Studio Family

In today's Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye, which is now the number one noontime show in the Philippines.

The "Dabardkads" in Broadway studio of Eat Bulaga is preparing for the visit of Lola's Nidora, Tinidora, Tidora and Yaya Dub the purpose of the visit is to acquaint Yaya Dub to the people in the studio, it's like getting to know the studio family of Alden.

The studio "Dabarkads" wants them to feel welcomed, they've prepared banners and posters, asking them what food they want to be prepared for them, everything to please Lola Nidora.

Both Kalye Serye road stars and Eat Bulaga studio host are excited about Lola Nidora's visit at the Broadway studio and also the studio audience.

We don't know what surprises will be given to ALDUB and to its fans tomorrow, be sure to watch it.

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