Monday, October 5, 2015

BAE ALDEN and Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Enjoys the studio visit of YAYA DUB

Joey De Leon puts Alden Richards arm on Yaya Dub's shoulder
Joey De Leon puts Alden Richards arm on Yaya Dub's shoulder

Manila, Philippines, Actor Alden Richards the other half of "ALDUB"' popularity is astounding his mall and provincial tours throughout the country and abroad is very successful with thousands of people in attendance.

Alden Richards father, Richard Faulkerson in his tweet mentioned "Who would not be in tears, when so much people loves you. Thank you very much!"

Alden Richards overwhelming appreciates the love that he receives from his fans, he said in his interview "If I can only shake their hands individually, I will do it."

Alden also mentioned how happy and overjoy he was and the Eat Bulaga studio hosts when they were visited by Lola Nidora, Lola Tinidora and Yaya Dub the stars of Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye, every Saturday's episode is the week's special where they feature special occasions or event that every fan will love and Alden Richards is excited on what's stored every Saturday.

He also mentions that they're more special moments lined up every Saturday at Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye.

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