Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bloomberg discusses the success of getting ALDUB as Product endorser

Tending Business host Rishaad Salamat talking to Ehden Pelaez about ALDUB and its impact on business
Tending Business host Rishaad Salamat talking to Ehden Pelaez about ALDUB and its impact on business

Business cable television channel Bloomberg featured ALDUB in their show "Trending Business" in the segment "Brandstanding" host Rishaad Salamat interviewing Ehden Llave Pelaez a social media manager at iSentia Brandtology, Ehden explains what is or who is ALDUB it's beginnings, their story, their uniqueness, fan based, and social media unprecedented success.

Since Bloomberg is a business channel, they talked about the effectiveness of ALDUB as a brand ambassador, their million of fans based that cut across ages and social status, various businesses are jumping in this television phenomenon, because of ALDUB very wide audience locally and abroad, a chance to tap new consumers and expand their product and market reach.

The first company to enjoy the benefits of the ALDUB phenomenon is the McDonald's Philippines, sales increased by 400 to 500 percent, the first television commercial was so successful that they made two more ALDUB TV commercials.

Other companies immediately followed McDonald's success from ALDUB, the phenomenon is just beginning and it will become much bigger that these.

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