Friday, October 23, 2015

Bubble Gang Balikbayan box packages parodies

Michael V (Bitoy) Balikbayan box delivery man

Manila, Philippines, Bubble Gang the longest running comedy gag show in the country will celebrate its 20th year anniversary.

In recent months, Bureau of Custom has discovered that Balikbayan boxes from abroad sent to the country by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are being abused by some crooked businessman who used these Balikbayan boxes to smuggled high valued items that need to be taxed by the government.

The Buearu of Custom decided to inspect every Balikbayan boxes coming into the country.  This raised up complaints from our OFW countrymen, because some of the items in Balikbayan packages are being stolen by some persons.

In these comic parodies of Bubble Gang about this issue, they give a comic relief about the situation.  After many complaints from the affected people, they Custom Bureau decided to stop their Balikbayan box inspection and find another solution to stop the smugglers from using Balikbayan boxes.

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