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Cristy Fermin on ALDUB Phenomenon

Cristy Fermin on ALDUB Phenomenon
Cristy Fermin on ALDUB Phenomenon

Philippine veteran show business columnist and radio personality Cristy Fermin share her thought about the ALDUB phenomenon composed of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub.

TV5 Reaksyon host Luchi Cruz-Valdes will try to know why Filipino's are obsessed with the ALDUB phenomenon and what its secrets?  Cristy Fermin didn't give a definite answer, but   according to her ALDUB popularity is like the Philippine superstar actress Ms. Nora Aunor in the peak of her career during the 70's.

According to Cristy Fermin there is no show in the Philippines that trend in social media site Twitter with 25.6 million twits.  The fan based of ALDUB is across social class and age category.

The host asked what is the social significance of ALDUB? I will give my opinion, first the show promotes moral values, inspiring people to be creative through visual arts, song composition and even theme of a mobile app game.  When a society loses its moral value that society will collapse, right now one of the major problems of the country is teenage pregnancy.  Also ALDUB is being used in University of Philippines as topic in one of their Filipino class.

Another question asked by the host is what will the media practitioner will learn from the ALDUB phenomenon.  Well ALDUB is breaking new grounds in Philippine Television history and TV Network should study this case and how you can successfully integrate social media and TV program.

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