Thursday, October 15, 2015

Isao Machii real-life Rurouni Kenshin cut a flying baseball travelling at 160km

Isao Machii cutting flying baseball
Isao Machii cutting flying baseball
A Samurai man in first century Japan refers to a close escort of a man of nobility or lord of a clan, with their skills, discipline and doctrine they were integrated to be part of special or elite national military in early Japan Imperial government.

Under Emperor Meiji rule, the samurai was abolished in favor of a more modern, western style enlisted army in 1873.  Many of the Samurai warrior were advanced to be trained as officers because of their motivation, discipline and exceptional training.

In this video Isao Machii a Guinness World Record-holder and master of laido, a Japanese sword-based martial arts.  Isao Machii will cut a baseball travelling at the speed of 160kmph at a distance of 30 feet from where the baseball is fired.

Watch how Machii cut the baseball in a blink of an eye (25 second mark of the video) and the slomo replay at the end of the video.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by oriconofficial

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