Monday, October 26, 2015

Maine Mendoza in Glamour Photoshoot for Preview magazine

Maine Mendoza is doing a glamour photoshoot for Preview magazine
Maine Mendoza is doing a glamour photoshoot for Preview magazine

The ALDUB phenomenon is just heating up after they inspired singers and songwriters, app developers, radio stations, music portal Spotify, recording company, advertising agency, graphic artist (digital and traditional), animators and many other industries or occupations to create something that has an ALDUB influence on it.

Now, ALDUB are conquering the world of print magazine, Maine Mendoza is now the cover of Meg magazine, the cast of Kalye Serye has various magazine covers individually or as a group.

And this coming November Maine Mendoza will be the cover of Preview magazine and they released a sneak peak at the glamor photo shoot of Maine, it's not that long when ALDUB deniers who criticized Maine Mendoza for her looks, now where she is now? infront of a magazine as a cover girl.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Preview Mag

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