Friday, November 27, 2015

10 Scariest Diseases in the World

A man suffering from NOMA or Cancrum Oris
A man suffering from NOMA or Cancrum Oris
These are the ten scariest diseases in the world, they are terrifyingly real.  Noma also known as Candrum Oris they infect the mouth of a general areas those afflicted develop ulcers inside their mouths causing the tissue to wear down until the bone in the mouth show, these day's it is only found in all the poorest parts of the world close ones far more common even in developed European countries and in the United States is widespread among inmates and concentration camps during World War true friends living conditions is generally result of hygiene drinking contaminated water lack of nutrition or immuno deficiency diseases while it's disappeared from industrialized areas mortality rate is at about 90 percent while those who survive must live with its effects forever.

Noma also known as Candrum Oris
Emycetoma commonly referred to as Madura foot, Emycetoma capable of spreading all throughout the body that typically finds itself to the legs and feet initially one suffering from this disease will notice swelling on her foot followed by a discharge of pus then spreads already area in eventually cause serious damage to the surrounding tissue eventually inhibiting the use of one's foot or leg under a foot is actually fairly painless which often leads to a late diagnosis researchers have discovered ancient writings referring to this disease in India where is referred to as there are currently no vaccines to treatment the report but it can be avoided by keeping your hands and feet seen as well as emerging shoes while in fields and other natural areas.

Emycetoma commonly referred to as Madura foot
Summary complex regional pain syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome CRPS refers to a disease involving the breakdown of the nervous system in central nervous system and causes severe pain changes in the skin and swelling, studies also show that the pain and discomfort caused by CRPS can lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety symptoms begin to show after serious injury involving tissue damage our hands has the potential of spreading  all over the body someone suffering from CRPS me feel burning in stabbing pains were draining into lobbying sensations disease is treatable although the road to recovery is a long and complicated one involving physical therapy and sometimes surgical procedure.

Complex regional pain syndrome CRPS

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