Friday, November 6, 2015

Alden Richards with the opportunistic Aling Mary of Bubble Gang

Alden Richards with Aling Mary of Bubble Gang
Alden Richards with Aling Mary of Bubble Gang
Manila, Philippines, Bubble Gang the longest running comedy gag show in the country will celebrate its 20th year anniversary.

One of the fictional characters in Bubble Gang is "Aling Mary" or Mrs. Mary, a very opportunistic businesswoman who's charging her customers expensively through her one-sided business policy and procedure.

In this video, Mrs. Mary is accepting legal papers from applicants, and one of her requirements is a thumb mark of the applicant, with this, she will use it to take advantage of people, her thumbmark ink costs 100 pesos per thumb.

The applicants have no choice but to avail her unreasonable service charged.  Alden Richards is one of the unfortunate applicants who will be taken advantage by Mrs. Mary, her bucket of ink is free, but the wipes cost 100 pesos per piece.

Source: YouTube by GMA Network

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