Thursday, November 26, 2015

BAE ALDEN Disguise as a Grocery Bagger

Alden Richards Disguise as Grocery Bagger

Manila, Philippines, Alden Richards one of the most popular stars in Philippine show business, started his career three or four years ago, had a tremendous break when he was partnered with Maine Mendoza, who played Yaya Dub in Eat Bulaga's Juan for All, All for Juan segment of the noontime show.

Their pairing is somehow experimental known only to the show's director and producers, they asked Alden Richards to watch the show's segment while Yaya Dub is performing her Dubsmash act, their shots were combined through split-screen and both of them saw each other through a monitor, Maine Mendoza, who has a crushed with Alden reacted naturally as every girl does when they saw their significant others, that moment is the start of ALDUB and it became a television phenomenon.

Their on-screen partnership became so popular that they broke television ratings and the two trends on social media sites, covered by international news channels because of their tremendous success online.

With Alden's popularity soaring high multiple companies wants to get him as their product endorser and in this video they transform BAE ALDEN to a grocery bagger, Yazz Credit Card company had a different approach to promote their company, they surprise shoppers with Alden Richards disguising as their grocery bagger.  Watch how these shoppers were star struck by Alden good looks and charm.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by YazzCardPH

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