Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How Can You Relate AlDub Phenomenon to Marriage?

Relating ALDUB on Marriage
Relating ALDUB on Marriage

The success of ALDUB is unprecedented in Philippine Television history with over 50% viewer rating that never seen in the history of television and advertising here in the Philippines and now ALDUB fever is spreading internationally to non-Filipino viewers, due to it's consistent trending in Twitter social media.

In this video Chinkee Tan explains how ALDUB phenomenon relates to marriage?  Mr. Tan gave three important points first is Sensitivity, being aware of the feelings of others is very important in marriage, in ALDUB the is very sensitive the way they perform their roles a simple gesture and eye contact and without any dialogue, they already know what the other is expressing, even the first time they communicated in social media and also they consider or sensitive to what Lola Nidora is saying before they do certain actions.

Secondly the point is Spontaneity, Kalye Serye is very spontaneous without formal script, actors are just given a scenario, their actions and dialogue is all impromptu, in marriage, it should not be a reactionary activity, it needs spontaneous actions given to each partner.

The third point is Sincerity, ALDUB is so sincere that they are teased that it's no longer an acting performance, in marriage your sincere love for your partner will produce a natural expression of love in action and expressions.  If the couple is sincere to cultivate their relationship, chances are it will grow.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Chinkee Tan

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