Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jose Manalo's style when approaching a woman

Jose Manalo's courtship style
Jose Manalo's courtship style

Manila, Philippines, In this episode of Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving, a certain man ask the problem solvers about his unsuccessful courtship or the effective way of approaching a woman.

Jose Manalo volunteered his comedic way of approaching a woman, he started by walking confidently, making cute faces to impress the woman and even changing his voice to make it more cute and attractive.

During his approach, while assessing the woman, Joey De Leon said "Woman this is a holdup" this makes Jose laugh a bit, but he continues his approach and opening line.

Then Paolo Ballesteros made a comment "He is looking at the woman's bag" while Joey De Leon said "He is looking at the woman's bracelet" this makes Jose giggle, but still manage to deliver his opening line.

The end result of Jose Manalo's way of approaching or getting a woman was a success.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Yow Tsu Beer

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